What We Offer

Everyday in business, clients are asked to enter into contractual relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. Frequently, and unknowingly, in these documents clients agree to impossible insurance provisions or unsupportable indemnification (hold harmless) provisions that may remain undetected until there has been a loss. At this time it is too late to address the terms which have already been agreed upon by the parties.

For this reason, as part of the standard services provided, Sallop urges its clients to discuss and review their contracts while still in draft form to ensure that the provisions are compatible with their insurance program. Furthermore, these discussions also include the underwriters from the various insurance carriers to address concerns before the loss, avoiding disputes later.

This dedication to insurance contract provisions has also led Sallop to offer several seminars to local law firms to teach counsel appropriate insurance terminology and acceptable language to incorporate into their standard contracts and leases for their clientele. These partnerships become invaluable for all parties involved to create a true collaborative effort in avoiding risk.


Sample Seminars

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