Risk Mitigation

Sallop Insurance strives to improve our clients’ operations by mitigating their exposure to risks of loss. To accomplish this goal, we assist our clients in a self-analysis of their operations to identify and review loss exposures (identify those areas of “value” exposed to loss as well as measure the potential loss for frequency and severity). Sallop then assists their clients in developing techniques to handle these exposures through effective loss control programs or insurance financing measures. The implementation and monitoring of these risk mitigation processes enables our client’s daily operations to run more efficiently and loss free. This is a lofty goal and we enjoy “rolling up our sleeves” alongside our clients to achieve it. A collaborative approach which requires involvement and support from both sides is a necessary ingredient for success.

Sample Risk Mitigation Services include the following areas which would be in partnership with participating insurers and their loss control personnel:

The areas in which we most commonly apply our risk management services are:

We have been doing business with the fine staff at Sallop for more than five years. From the very beginning our underwriters have been impressed with their market knowledge, professionalism and focus. Linda Sallop has assembled a team that is motivated, driven to succeed and are smart. They have an outstanding ability to communicate both internally with and externally to the markets as they take a true team approach.” — Senior Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer, American Empire Group

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