Senior Care

Since 1949, Sallop Insurance has maintained a specialty property and casualty insurance program for clients in the field of long-term care. This program addresses our clients’ general and professional healthcare liability exposures, “all risk” property insurance and business interruption exposures of their facilities. Sallop was instrumental in the design of this comprehensive program and the coverages it provides.

Sallop has worked diligently on behalf of its clients since the program’s inception:

During our growth, Sallop Insurance Inc. has been a vital and important business partner, helping to guide us through the maze of insurance-related challenges that have faced our Company. The people at Sallop are experts in their field, extremely responsive to our needs, and have been and are truly a pleasure to work with.”
— Chief Financial Officer, Radius Management Services, Inc.

Our company began working with Sallop Insurance in the early 1990s as a one project firm that over time has developed into a multi-facility assisted living provider in New England. Over that time we have faced many liability and business related issues that we have navigated with the very experienced and dedicated people at Sallop Insurance as the insurance environment has changed in our business the knowledge and leadership provided to us has been extraordinary. We constantly benefit from the innovative ideas and forward thinking that Sallop does on our behalf as we are able to continue to focus on operating our business.”
Managing Partner, Senior Living Residence

Our office has had the pleasure of working with the Sallop Agency in connection with the defense of their extended care clients for approximately ten years. Sallop's dedicated and professional representatives are knowledgeable about all aspects of the long term care and assisted living industry. They continuously monitor developments and trends within the industry, relevant legislation and litigation involving care providers. Perhaps most important, they are always available to offer assistance to counsel defending their insureds – from identifying helpful industry and governmental agencies to identifying potential expert witnesses. It is truly a pleasure to work with this agency.”
Ross Kimball, Esq., Sloane and Walsh (medical malpractice defense firm)

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